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I worked as a staff member of the University of Oregon print publication the Oregon Voice for almost my entire college career. I rose from page designer to Art Director, then to Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. The Oregon Voice is entirely produced by idealistic Journalism, Art and Creative Writing students in one of the most rewarding creative experiences you can imagine. During my leadership we focused on longform feature writing, interviews and thorough musical coverage.

As Editor-in-Chief I organized weekly meetings, juggled production timelines, assigned tasks to writers/artists/photographers and edited their contributions. Along with the Publisher, I managed an annual budget of $12,000 and we successfully lobbied the Program Finance Committee to increase our budget multiple times based on our responsible treatment of the budget. I managed a volunteer staff of 20+ and two dozen distribution spots on campus and in businesses/restaurants around the city of Eugene, Oregon. As a result of working with the publication I’m skilled at preparing PDF files for commercial offset printing, having managed the process about a dozen times. Though I’ve recently specialized in Web Development, I am keenly aware of the fineries that arise in the world of Print design.

Visit the OV Archives View my bylines, contributions, Editor’s notes in the following issues: Volume 13, Issue 1 through Volume 17, Issue 6.

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