I created the website headsethotties.com in February 2008 to poke fun at the overuse of stock photography on corporate websites, namely headset-wearing customer support representatives…AKA “Headset Hotties” on corporate about pages.

The site quickly became an internet sensation and hundreds of user-generated submissons began to flow in…many were later posted to the site. The site was featured prominently in an article in Practical Web Design Magazine about niche sites. I was interviewed live by some douchebag DJ on Australian radio…he didn’t really get the concept and it was very awkward. The site has a place in the pantheon of internet memes, preceding such stock-art skewerings as women laughing alone with salad by more than a year. The site was featured on a number of blogs including Boing Boing, The Consumerist, Gizmodo. The site is referenced in a thoughtful peice on Coding Horror and poked fun at by a code-hero of mine, Jeffrey Zeldman.

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