Instant Rimshot, the Funniest Red Button in the World

I created the website on a lark to surprise my coworker – but it quickly took on a life of it’s own. Originally the site looked like this – and the simple combination of that red button, the goofy domain name and the functionality it provided were the perfect storm of internet madness. Along the way the site racked up more than 6 million unique visitors from every nook and cranny on earth.

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Within a few months the site was being referenced on message boards and blogs, had inspired similar sites and some terrible web design. The website was mentioned in GQ magazine, and Ad agency in New York almost licensed it, and I received a personal email about it from the creator of Craigslist. In time it’s become recognized as the starting point for a wave of internet memes. It’s a simple, stupid idea…and you are welcome world!

Visit the Site Skills: Design/Dev, Meme-birthing, Making the world laugh

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