The First Sneeze

I was just cleaning up my desktop at work earlier today and found a file from back in January called “First Sneeze.xls”

Basically the purpose of that document was to keep a record of the time of day I would sneeze for the first time. I’m not normally a big sneezer but for some reason there were a couple of weeks where I noticed every day, right around the same time, I would sneeze. Having just recently read some Edward Tufte books from the library I decided to keep a record of the specific time each sneeze occurred so I could create some visual order to it later. Thankfully though this didn’t last very long and I either became accustomed to the building or something changed with the ventilation system. I stopped keeping track because there was no more data to gather, and that was pretty much the end of the experiment. Obviously this isn’t a very fancy or elegant graph but hey, it is what it is, a record of my sneezing habits for 11 days of work. The January 5-6 and 12-13 are weekends.

The First Sneeze

Day in January Time of Day
3 9:05 AM
4 9:04 AM
7 9:18 AM
8 2:25 PM
9 9:11 AM
10 9:26 AM
11 11:22 AM
14 10:50 AM
15 9:17 AM
16 9:02 AM
17 9:26 AM

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