Gibson v. Dinosaur

Hey there friends. We just yesterday put up episode 12 of the podcast (The Penny Jam) and it’s a beauty — Laura Gibson at OMSI. Through a series of fortunate events we ended up with the keys to the castle, access to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the folks there were very nice and excited to help out.

It was great timing as Laura was in between bouts of touring. Both scheduling the museum and the songwriter took a couple of months of planning, meanwhile The Penny Jam marched on in other venues. Originally we’d planned on filming inside OMSI’s resident submarine, the USS Blueback but due to some maintenance it didn’t quite work out – we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll be able to go back and consummate said camera-on-submarine scenario at some point in the future.

The combination of musician and place was awesome, we were very pleased with the end result. It was really a treat for me to hear the video because during the shoot the vocals and guitar were so quiet I could barely hear them. Despite her soft spoken voice, it’s powerful when you hear it clearly.

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