Home Made 3D Images

Grab a pair of blue and red 3D Glasses and take a peek at my new images below (click thumbnails). Through some experimentation I realized it was super easy to make 3D images with these supplies:

  1. A digital camera with a small lens (probably not an SLR)
  2. A pair of Red and Blue Glasses
  3. Photoshop

All you have to do is take 2 pictures, one red and one blue, through the lens of the glasses with your digital camera. Try and keep the glasses stationary so the images stay approximately eye-distance apart, that is kind-of key. Now drop them both into a single Photoshop document and change the Layer Mode of the top image to “Lighten.” Now all you have to do is put on the glasses and line up the images until they look right. I’ve found that getting this right depends on the size of the image, so if you line it up at 50% and then zoom to 100% it is going to get thrown out of whack. You should probably decide on an end-size in doing this so it’ll look correct when someone else views it later.

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An alternate technique, which I havn’t tried would simply be to take both photographs normally and color them in Photoshop. This would allow for larger lens sizes. All you would need is a tripod and a way to keep your distances accurate.

These are my first images and are slightly off. I’ll get better! Let me know if any of you try this, I’ll love to see your experiments. Theoretically this would be the same when working with video and when Sean returns to Portland in a couple weeks I’m going to put our dual cameras to the test.

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