Starfucker at Rudy’s Barbershop

It’s that time of the week where I post the new Penny Jam video. This episode was filmed on July 27th but was sitting in our vault just getting better and better. I now present you with Starfucker at Rudy’s Barbershop. The timing worked out fine because Starfucker just left on tour and released their self-titled debut album just yesterday. I bought it at their release show last week at the Doug Fir and it’s great, you definitely won’t regret buying this one. It’s kindof an instant classic.

To set the scene a little: Sean and I left Florence at 10am that morning, stopping off in Monmouth to pick up his step-dad Tony’s Camaro. We raced up to Portland, rolling into Rudy’s just minutes before our 2pm meetup time. The band started setting up and after the sound guys troubleshot some buzzing issues we got started, shooting 5 takes of their song “Party Face.” Check out the pics from Joe Mansfield – check out the whole set on flickr.

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