Double Your Dolliver, Double Your Fun

Welcome to episode 16 of the Penny Jam. We filmed this episode during first Thursday, on Sept 4, a date and time requested by EWF Modern owner Rene Russo (not the movie star). It turned out pretty well as we got some intro footage of the foot traffic on a busy street in the Pearl, including a glimpse of the Ascetic Junkies banjo player, Graham, picking away on the street corner.

Our musician for the week, Ryan Dolliver, usually rolls with a posse called the Double Dragons (the DBL DRGNZ to be exact) but some key bandmates were elsewhere, likely playing shows with other bands as part of Music Fest NW. But Ryan brought in two backup singers to help him fill out “He Called Me Baby” by Patsy Cline, though we’ve erroneously titled it “All Night Long” in the video credits. Maybe we’ll change that in the future. Regardless, Mr. Dolliver brings the soul with his performance, check it out.

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