Headset Hotties is now it’s Own Standalone Site

Many of you know about my ongoing series “Headset Hotties” which I started months back on this very blog. After getting good responses from many random people I decided to turn it into it’s own site. Plus, I was drunk off of Adsense revenue from Instant Rimshot and was strategizing on how to expand my empire.

So with a little development time, along came headsethotties.com!

One fun little sidenote is that the background image I used on the header is actually a pic taken by Joe Mansfield during the most recently released episode of the Penny Jam (see previous post.) Click here to see what I’m talking about.

Traffic has been good (about 12,000 unique visitors in 7 days) and it’s been mentioned in some hilarious situations online.

My favorite comment thus far is from Jeffrey Zeldman in his Wednesday Link roundup. Zeldman says:

“Imagine loneliness so intense that you begin to notice the attractiveness of headset wearers in stock photos. Imagine time so heavy on your hands that you create a website dedicated to your sad little obsession. Imagine no more. Discover Headset Hotties. (From those wonderful people who brought us Instant Rimshot.)”

Burned. Oh well it’s still flattering.

After a couple of weeks I’ll probably write up a synopsis of the greatest hits of such occurrences. In the meantime, if you come across any Headset Hotties in the wild, send them my way!

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