World’s Greatest Ghosts in Milwaukie

Episode 18 of the Penny Jam features World’s Greatest Ghosts performing “Magick Words” at Matrix Networks down in Milwaukie (which is Algonquin for “the good land”). Normally we don’t venture that far south but our good friends Kyle and Jennifer (after seeing many episodes of the podcast) offered up the place – which they both work at. Going into it we didn’t know much about the location aside from a few pics on the website – there turned out to be an overabundance of cool locations, including a big ol’ warehouse space.

We ended up setting up the band in front of the server room, which is unusually placed in the communal area of the business. Rather than hide it they’ve made it a centerpeice. We’d forgot the clamp lights back at Balloontown USA (though it had yet to be christened such) but over the course of complaining about it Kyle offered us two oversized umbrella lights that were on hand in the building. You can see them reflected in the glass near the end of the video and in the photo below.

One weird milestone for this episode is that it is the first episode of The Penny Jam where I wasn’t a cameraman. Sean, the other videographer who’s been around since the beginning and Jon Manning (who joined us on episode 14 and has since filmed a few) took care of that. Meanwhile I was feeling useless and hungover so I went to play pinball in the back room.

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Be sure to check out the pics by Joe Mansfield in what is perhaps the best Penny Jam photo sesh to date on flickr.

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