SXSW 2009 Recap: On Parade with Pampelmouse

Much to my delight I was given a ride and ticket to South by Southwest this year by the gracious Dave Allen who runs a fantastic music blog called Pampelmoose. I tagged along with Dave from from Saturday the 14th until the following Saturday, the 21st and filmed a bunch of interviews and bands.

When I got back I put together a half hour variety program that was aired as an episode of my public access television show on MetroEast community media. Check it out!

Episode 8 of Truckerspeed in 3D

Aside from a lot of filming and drinking I popped into as variety of Interactive events, my two favorites being a presentation by Gary Vaynerchuck and a smaller engagement with Bob Boilen of NPR. Mr. Boilen was the director of the NPR show All Things Considered and is the current host’s and the creator of NPR’s online music show All Songs Considered. The section he hosted was about using video as a marketing tool and primarily a series that he started called Tiny Desk Concerts which places bands in Mr. Boilen’s office for a song or two.

Considering I also produce a web video series, it was a fascinating panel. I was introduced to live performances Thao Nguyen and Shearwater, both quite enjoyable.

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