New video from “You Who” an awesome new concert series

I recently attended and filmed the second installment of You Who, a Portland concert series for kids and their hip, music loving parents. It’s the type of event that makes you appreciate the creativity and breadth of Portland’s music and art scene. The lineup has been as impressive as any concert series in recent memory with Quasi, Explode into Colors, the Builders and the Butchers gracing the stage. You Who is a variety show of eccentric proportions, a mix of music, theater and custom-made animation. Plus it pulls in a crowd of 600 parents and kids on a Sunday afternoon, which is an impressive feat. The show is curated by a couple of creative folks including Chris Funk of the Decemberists, who always seems to be breaking new ground in rolling out new projects. Mr. Funk was also involved in curating the Burn to Shine series, which had a formative affect in our conception of the Penny Jam.

We filmed most of the show, and I’ll likely roll out more in the near future but here is the first installment. It features a band called the Cardboard Songsters, who perform with a cast of large painted cardboard creations.

This video is featured on the You Who website under “videos.”

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