New Bamboo iPhone case from Grove

I’m not normally one to engage in the act of gadget blogging but this is too close to home not to get excited about – I just got my first bamboo iPhone case from Grove!

Grove Case

Grove is a Portland-based company…it’s owned and operated by my friends Joe and Ken. I’ve watched Grove grow at impressive speeds over the last year, they’ve hired more staff, expanded their product line and have generally just been kicking ass in the entrepreneurial realm.

Just a couple years ago when Joe was building his engraving business out of our living room and Ken was our friendly next door neighbor. Once they teamed up and combined their engraving and woodworking skills, things got double-exciting.

The cases are available in 2 wood colors, and are customizable – you can go for a blank case, choose from their artist series, or provide your own artwork. I’ve seen the crew meticulously working and their commitment to quality is amazing. And not only is the product quality top notch but their customer service is just as impressive.

My case is from their artist series, “Merman” by Michael Hsiung.

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