Trailer Toucan – Our first 24-hour website

When my friend Davey moved back to Portland, his web developer powers had grown immensely. Last time I’d seen him he wasn’t even a developer at all, but I knew he had some programming skills secretly hiding inside. So while we were sitting on my front porch drinking beers and bullshitting we decided to do some quick project together – a 24-hour website. From that, our weird minds went down a path…that led to a site that I would like to present to you now, ladies and gentleman, Trailer Toucan.

Trailer Toucan

The site automatically gathers movie trailers from various sites for your viewing pleasure. The design reflects an idea that we’d attached to early on – watching movie trailers on a beach. Sounds so damn lazy it just might be awesome… on to the domain hunt. Trailer Beach? Trailer Bay? Everything is taken. Until we struck gold with Trailer Toucan.

Business ensued: set up domain, install WordPress, setup theme and aggregation plugin, gather RSS feeds etc.

Two things I learned about toucans that day: 1) they live in trees and the rain forests, not on beaches, and 2) Toucan’s do not talk. But neither Davey and I were prepared to face those realities so we braved on and designed a header and some voiceover. (Click the bird).

It’s hard to say what exactly I learned over the course of those 24 hours. Davey and I had some giddy fun hatching the idea and making the website. It actually turned out pretty well – it’s far less of a piece of shit than I imagined it would be. Hell, some of it is even good, or at the very least convenient. So I guess what I’m trying to say is go watch some trailers.

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