I deleted all the posts on my website and I feel really good about it

In the process of redesigning and rebuilding this website I decided to delete all the existing posts and start fresh.

A quick survey of the old posts on this site would show content from a different era. Quick, one or two sentence posts, usually with a picture or a video and a quippy title. In an era of Social Media, and Twitter in particular, these posts seemed oddly placed.

Was I being a bad internet person by wanting to delete these posts. For not maintaining my hyperlinks forever and ever? Do I care about that? Maybe just a little bit, but in the end I decided there were some real benefits. So I deleted them. I’m alive and well.

I’m a huge fan of rearranging stuff in my real life. Bookshelves. Furniture. Yard ornaments. After extensive rearranging of physical stuff in the last year it seemed like an extension of the same idea to clean up my digital junk as well. In retrospect it seems essential to go back and self-edit from time to time.

I guess now that it’s effortless to instantly tell everyone about every moment, oversharing is no longer cool. It’s paradoxical. I find myself more resistent to services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and perhaps one day I’ll go full-on recluse and reject them as well. In the meantime I’m just being more mindful about what I post, and doing a little cleanup here and there.

If you read this far, let me just reassure you too can be like me and delete your posts, tweets, pics, facebooks. It’s totally fine. Edit out your lesser posts. Keep the good ones if you like. Either way, you’ll barely notice. If you’re even kindof considering it, then deleting that junk would be a beautiful thing. I celebrate it!