I deleted all the posts on my website and I feel fine

In the process of redesigning and rebuilding this website I decided to delete all the existing posts and start fresh. It’s not surprising really – a quick survey of the old posts reveal content from a different era. Each entry consisted of a quick, one or two sentences, usually with a single picture or video and a quippy title. Social media platforms like Twitter have basically taken over the space for this type of content. Publishing stuff like that on my website just felt, well, paltry.

This did get me thinking: Was I being a bad web developer and internet citizen by wanting to delete these posts? For not maintaining my content, maintaining my hyperlinks forever and ever?  Do I care about that? Well, I do, but I’ve also become more realistic about what matters to me. Portfolio work? Very important. Travel photos? Yes, important. Snarky blog posts from 10 years ago. Um, nah. Delete.

I was using Snapchat for a little while. Not sure if you ever did, but it was pretty cool in how it changed my perspective. Someone sends you a photo or video, you get one chance to watch it, and it’s gone. That subversion felt magical. I no longer care about archiving every thing I’ve ever said forever. There is no magic in that.

Simultaneously I’ve found myself more resistant to participate in services like Facebook and Twitter.  Perhaps one day I’ll go full-on recluse and reject them as well. For now I’m trying to be mindful about what I post, and doing a little cleanup here and there.

I’m a huge fan of rearranging things in real life. Bookshelves. Furniture. Yard ornaments. After moving twice in two years and extensively rearranging my physical stuff, this digital purge felt like an extension of the same idea. In retrospect it was far overdue. At some point I need to do the same with websites, but that’s another tale.

Let me just reassure you too can delete your posts, tweets, pics, facebooks. It’s totally fine. Be a little mysterious. Edit out your lesser posts. Keep the good ones. Deleting that junk can be be a beautiful thing. I celebrate it!