About Scott

Hello web visitor, thanks for stopping by – I’m Scott Edward Carver, a Web Developer and Filmmaker living in Portland, Oregon. I’m originally from the small town of Monmouth, OR, where I grew up on a 400-acre farm. I studied Journalism and Digital Arts at the University of Oregon, graduating in 2006. I moved up to Portland that September and shortly thereafter got a job at an Advertising Agency as a Front-End Web Developer.

I have my hand in a few extracurricular projects as well – I’m currently producing a documentary and a feature length film. Recent work includes a music video podcast The Penny Jam, and a website called instant rimshot that made me temporarily famous for creating an internet meme.

When it comes to web development I’m a straight shooter, I’m an advocate of progressively-enhanced, standards-based code that works across browsers and platforms. These days that means a healthy dose of responsive web design, mobile-friendliness and a focus on usability. HTML, CSS and Javascript are my three meals. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn should you choose to cyberstalk me. Read my resume here and view my portfolio here. If you want to chat you can also email me directly at scottcarver@gmail.com