About the Author

Hello Friend! I’m Scott Carver, a Full Stack Web Developer specializing in creative, accessible and responsive interfaces for the web. I work with designers, agencies and business owners to implement the changes you need made to your website. Although I specialize in WordPress theme development (since 2005) I also reach for technologies like React, Vue, Node and Python when the task suggests it. Need someone to wade through the documentation, explore an API, build a prototype, implement some changes, or plan something that’s never been done? I’m Your Huckleberry.

Contacting Me

If you have a work-related request the Hire Me page has a form with categories I find useful, so try that first. You can contact me for general requests or if you just want to say hello. You can read about me on LinkedIn, or on this print-friendly version of my resume.

My Younger Years

I grew up on a farm west of Monmouth, a sleepy town in the mid-Willamette Valley. I was lucky to get involved in Journalism, Filmmaking and Web Design at an early age, in the late 1990s. I followed these pursuits to the University of Oregon, completing the Magazine Journalism and Multimedia Design programs in 2006. During these years I worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor, podcast editor, technology consultant, computer lab assistant and journalist at the Oregon Voice, a student publication where I served as Publisher then Editor-in-Chief.

Living in Portland

After college I moved to Portland and since 2007 I’ve been working professionally as a Frontend Developer at various Portland-based design agencies and freelance roles, completing dozens of projects on behalf of local, national and international brands. In the process I’ve established a reputation as a thoughtful designer and developer who consistently delivers creative yet refined websites.

Side Projects

From 2008 to 2010 I produced a podcast with a group of friends, The Penny Jam, which ran for 30 episodes and featured a different band in a new location. We had multiple cameras, sound crew, photographer. We also hosted three live events at Holocene featuring live music and a video viewing. Tons of people were involved, it was a beautiful collaborative effort.

I maintain an open-source WP-CLI extension WP withagency that allows you to do scaffold-like things but with extra vigor. I use this to create components, blocks, arbitrary routes, etc when I’m building themes. I maintain a handful of Gutenberg-based blocks for my own use and study including a couple focused on Headless/Static strategies. The most interesting of these is for created Styled Areas which I’m building for my own uses, but is currently publicly visible.

Favorite Things

My dog, your dog, most animals, camping, walking, traveling, Portugal, cooking, reading, Pendleton shirts, weird animation, coffee, publishing, free piles, rare and seasonal fruits and vegetables.